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Did You Fall Off the Fitness Wagon? How To Reboot Your Routine

Did You Fall Off the Fitness Wagon?  How To Reboot Your Routine

Have you let the gym become the bottom for your priority list?  We all know how important daily exercise is to create a healthy lifestyle, but we all know one missed gym day can turn into a missed week, and then a missed month.  If you are ready to rekindle your relationship with fitness check out our tips below.

Let’s Get Back into a Routine

Falling off the wagon is normal – let’s be real.  Work gets busy, life gets in the way, and the new norm becomes cutting out your gym hour to make more time for those things you HAVE to do.  Maybe things have settled down and you are ready to get back into fitness, or maybe your break has sparked a new love and appreciation for a daily exercise routine.  Whatever your reason is, you are ready to go, but actually jumping back in seems more daunting this time…

10 Steps to Rekindle Your Fitness Flame

  1. First off, forgive yourself – it doesn’t matter why or how you missed three months of the gym, it is time to move forward.Forgive yourself for flaking on your gym commitments, and start new.  If you have a rough start in the beginning, forgive yourself for that too. 
  2. Evaluate what you have lost (or gained) – did you lose your flexibility, or do you have some noticeable muscle loss? Focusing on what has changed because of the lack of fitness in your life might help you realize how important daily exercise is, and how much of an impact it makes on the way your body functions for you.
  3. Create a reboot week – start slow: pack your gym bag, and make sure you get to the gym at least twice this week. If you go all out in Week One, the soreness you feel, or the exhaustion of a new routine might catch up with you and discourage your progress.  After the first week, try to make it three times, then four, then five. 
  4. Change your routine up – maybe you subconsciously chose to cut out the gym because the gym no longer served you. Were you going to a globo gym before?  Try something new like a kickboxing class, or CrossFit. Were you liking your sport but maybe the atmosphere wasn’t for you?  Try a new gym in the same genre.  Find something that is both fun and motivating to help you stick with what you are doing.
  5. Schedule it – I love to schedule my day hour by hour.I still carry an old school paper planner, as well as keep track of appointments on my phone.  By blocking off the time I want to go to the gym, I can ensure I won’t schedule appointments over it.  Stick to the time slot you have created for the gym to help keep your progress consistent and your routine on track.
  6. Create accountability – Are you someone who hates to let other people down? If so, create a way to hold yourself accountable that is dependent on someone else. Find a friend who wants to start a fitness program with you and be accountability buddies or hire a personal trainer that you have to report back to (and will help you gain progress faster). When you know there is someone else depending on you to show up, you are less likely to cancel because of (not so great) excuses.
  7. Track your progress – Fitness progress is not at all instantaneous, and in a world of immediate gratification, it can be hard to stick with something that is not showing immediate results. However, the progress you are making might be more noticeable if you are tracking your results.  Keep a fitness journal that allows you to reflect on how you performed physically, and how you feel mentally.  You might just be making more strides than you think!
  8. Be realistic – hey, this is the time to be honest with yourself. If you took a 3 month “rest day,” and you think you are going to go back in the gym with the same max squat as when you left, you need to rethink if you are being realistic about your own expectations.  Know that you are going to get back to where you were, but it is not going to be immediately.  Take on that challenge, use those lower weights to perfect your form, and get ready to build!
  9. Create a (healthy) reward system for yourself – I always make deals with myself to do things I don’t necessarily want to do.Set a reward system for yourself when you achieve your new goals; for example, “if I go to the gym 4 times a week for the entire month, I will buy those new leggings I have been eyeing, but if not, no leggings!”
  10. Don’t forget to get some sleep – we underestimate how sleep impacts our daily activities. If you start your day tired, have to work all day, then plan to go to the gym after a full eight hours; chances are you might just drive home. Make sure you are getting enough rest so you can prioritize your new daily fitness, and not use exhaustion as a built in excuse. 

Have you rekindled your love for fitness lately?  Share with us what you have done to help get back into a routine!  We love chatting with you on our social media!