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Holiday Four Part Series: Part Four – Goal Setting for the New Year

Holiday Four Part Series: Part Four – Goal Setting for the New Year


Hey ‘Stachers!

If you checked out the blog last week we provided a super easy (and really efficient) at home workout.  Did you try it out?  If so, we want to hear what you thought!

This week we are getting ready to start working on setting goals for the New Year.  Although I personally believe you should be making goals year-round, the New Year is a great marker for setting some big goals and having 365 days to achieve them. Have you already started setting some goals for the New Year; if so, share them with us on social media!  

Goal Setting – Where to Start

Many of us start our fitness journey, build a routine for making time for the gym, and are left wanting more out of our workouts.  This leads to future thinking and planning of milestones that we want to achieve through our hard work in and outside of the gym to improve our physical health. Whether this is weight loss, muscle mass, an obstacle course, or a marathon – using proper goal setting techniques can help you attain whatever you are reaching for!  Plus, creating and achieving goals help to track progress over time!


You might be familiar with the SMART goal setting technique.  This is an acronym for goals that are:

Specific – make sure your goal is specific and do not be too arbitrary.  If your goal isn’t specific you will not be able to pinpoint when your goal is achieved!

Measurable – make sure your goal is quantifiable – instead of “lose weight” reframe your goal to a measurable “lose 10 pounds”

Attainable – start small, see early wins, and stay committed.  Long term goals are great, but short term goals will keep you committed.

Relevant – what is your why? Do you want to be able to keep up with your kids or improve your mobility to help increase your Olympic lifts? If it doesn’t resonate with you, you will be less likely to reach that finish line!

Timely – pick a timeline that creates urgency, don’t give yourself too much time to reach the finish line (but also don’t make it impossible!)

Tools for Success

Now that you have your SMART goal outlined there are a variety of methods to make sure you stay on track and can check off one goal (and set more).  Some of my favorite tools to increase successful goal setting are:

  • Write your goals down and read them often
  • Acknowledge the hurdles and accept any setback along the way
  • Share your goal with a friend or find a fitness buddy to complete the goal with
  • Recognize the sacrifices you have already made, and will need to make to achieve the desired outcome
  • Check in with your goals often and make sure they are still a priority for you
  • Celebrate small and big wins!
  • Recommit if you get off track

The Takeaway

Goals help to track progression and allow us to achieve more as our fitness journeys progress. Although goals should be set year-round, resolutions at the new year are great markers for creating new goals. Using SMART goal setting techniques help to ensure that you stay on track, and there are many other techniques that can be used in addition to make sure you achieve and succeed what is important to you!


Have a goal in mind for the New Year?  Did you achieve a big goal in 2018?  Share with us!