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Holiday Four Part Series: Part Three – Subbing Missed Gym Days with At Home Workouts

Holiday Four Part Series: Part Three – Subbing Missed Gym Days with At Home Workouts


Hey ‘Stachers!

Did you get your holiday shopping done?  We definitely made a big dent in our shopping list with all the great deals we found last week (including some Musclestaches for our friends in need of improved mobility and recovery)!

Holiday seasons are often busy, stressful, and businesses alter their usual schedules to accommodate for increased family time for their employees – including gyms. 

Gym closures really bum me out, but they don’t have to equal a missed workout. At home workouts can be effective and can help keep you on track during a busy holiday season.

At Home Workouts

Working out at home has many personal benefits -- you can blast your favorite music, wear whatever you want, and can cut down time on driving to and from the gym!  Although studies show having a community at the gym increases commitment and effort, at home workouts for days that the gym is just not happening provides the same physical benefits as a gym (including an increase of endorphins).


Although sometimes it is hard to come up with on your own, there are many workouts that can be done at home with little to no equipment and requires minimal space.  You can also get a great full body workout by combining a variety of movements with only a minimal amount of time commitment.  We consulted a certified fitness trainer to find an efficient and fun workout you can do at home this holiday season.

The Workout

30-minute workout, alternating each movement, 30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds rest:

1) air squats

2) pushups

3) alternating bicycle crunches

4) alternating skater jumps

5) butterfly strokes

6) glute bridge

How To:

Set a timer for 30 minutes, when you’re ready to start work for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. Rotate through each exercise until you have reached the 30-minute mark:

0:00 – 0:30) Air squats

0:31 – 1:00) Rest

1:01 – 1:30) Pushups

1:31 – 2:00) Rest

2:01 – 2:30) Alternating bicycle crunches

2:31 – 3:00) Rest

3:01 – 3:30) Alternating skater jumps

3:31 – 4:00) Rest

4:01 – 4:30) Butterfly strokes

4:31 – 5:00) Rest

5:01 – 5:30) Butterfly strokes

5:31 – 6:00) Rest

6:01 – 6:30) Glute bridge

7:31 – 8:00) Rest



Repeat until you hit the 30-minute mark. Don’t forget to warm up before beginning, and mobilize and stretch after your 30 minutes are complete.


It’s that easy! Tell us if you use this workout or share YOUR favorite at home workout by connecting with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Check back next week for part four of our four-part holiday series; don’t forget to mobilize and use your Musclestache in between weeks!