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Holiday Four Part Series: Part Two – Give the Gift of Fitness and Improved Health

Holiday Four Part Series: Part Two – Give the Gift of Fitness and Improved Health


Happy Holidays ‘Stachers!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed your meal guilt free -- we certainly had our fill of sweet potatoes, turkey, and stuffing!

This week, we are continuing our four-part holiday series by bringing you a fun little gift guide for all the fitness fanatics you might be looking to buy for this year (or for yourself!).  Finding the perfect gift for everyone you love is sometimes a challenge, but we have curated a list to help inspire you -- from gym memberships to Musclestache tools, we would be happy to receive any one of these great ideas! 

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Gift Giving Guide – Nutrition, Wearables, Equipment, and Recovery

The $30 Billion Fitness Industry

The current $30 billion health and fitness industry is steadily growing 3-4% annually and shows no signs of slowing down.  People are becoming more conscious of the food they consume, their overall health, and improving their physical well-being.  This industry continues to grow with research, new gadgets, and new and growing concepts and gyms.  Luckily for you, shopper, this gives you a ton of options for finding the perfect gift this season!

Our Favorites

Here is a curated list of our picks for this holiday season:

  • Gym memberships: pay for someone’s gym membership or personal coaching -- contact their gym and pay the next month for them, or if you know someone who is interested in joining you in the gym, connect with your gym staff to purchase a one-month trial for them! This is a great way to actually give the gift of fitness and support local economy.
  • Books: because the fitness industry is always growing so is the reading material! Gift your favorite cookbook to someone else to discover, find materials on their favorite fitness venture, or gift a book that has inspired your personal journey.  Fitness journals are also growing in popularity and help to promote goal setting and reflecting.
  • Nutritional Support: there are a ton of companies that provide pre-planned meal kits or pre-made macro balanced meals. There are also a lot of great supplement companies that are conscious of their supplement ingredients and make great products.  Supplements and food can add up to those who are working on their fitness goals so find their favorite and purchase them a protein pack or two! 
  • Athletic Wear: there is no such thing as too many gym clothes! Leggings, shorts, sweats, sports bras, sweatshirts, shirts, and tank tops are all great ideas for the gym lover in your life. 
  • Accessories: to go along with athletic wear there is no such thing as too many gym accessories! Socks, headbands, sweat bands, fitness trackers, water bottles, gymnastic grips, weight belts, wrist wraps, lifting straps, headphones, knee sleeves, shoes, hair ties, jump ropes, and bags are all essential to an athlete’s arsenal. Some of these items make great stocking stuffers and can be bundled with other gifts for a complete package!
  • Gym equipment:it’s always nice to have some equipment at home to use for those times you just can’t make it to the gym.  Dumb bells, kettle bells, barbells, yoga mats, bosu balls, exercise bands, hip circles, and medicine balls are all easy to store, versatile, and make for great at home workouts.
  • After gym care: body wipes, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, bath bombs, pain relief gel, sweat towels, moisturizers, deodorizers, healthy snacks, Epsom salts, and heat/ice packs are all much appreciated for post sweat sesh recovery!
  • Body work services: gift certificates for massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncture, and other bodywork specialists can provide some much needed mindbody connection and recovery for all levels of fitness enthusiasts.
  • Recovery tools: foam rollers, massage sticks, massage balls, peanut balls, therapy guns, and IASTM tools are all great gifts to help your favorite athlete to practice active recovery at home (we are very partial to the Musclestache tool to help provide some fan-tache-tic muscle relief!)


Enjoy your holiday shopping and tag us in your favorite products that you keep in your gym bag daily to improve your fitness journey -- we love seeing what our community is using! Check back next week for part three of our four-part holiday series; don’t forget to mobilize and use your Musclestache in between weeks!