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No Sweat Skincare Routine for Pre- and Post- Workout

No Sweat Skincare Routine for Pre- and Post- Workout

Hey ‘Stachers!

Have you added collagen into your supplement routine after our last post?  After writing last week’s post I decided to add it into mine... no noticeable changes yet, but I will keep ya updated!

This week I want to chat about one part of a gym routine that many of us may be skipping – prepping your skin for workouts and taking care of your skin after workouts (I know I am guilty of this).  Being someone who does not experience very many breakouts or have sensitive skin, this was not on my radar, but after some reading, I have learned so much about how proper skin care pre and post workout has a huge impact on your overall health – keep reading!

Sweat Free Skin

We spend so much time taking care of our muscles with stretching and mobilizing, taking care of our body with whole foods and consistent workouts, but what about taking care of our skin?  Sweating allows for our pores to get rid of the toxins that may be harboring in them, but if you are not wiping those toxins off your face they will be absorbed right back into your skin.  On the flip side, sweating makes it harder for our sin to hold on to salts and oils so if you struggle with constant breakouts sweating once a day can help balance out your skin!  Just make sure you are properly dealing with the impurity purge that happens when you are in workout mode.

Whether you go to the gym in the morning or the gym at night – it is essential to make sure you are starting and ending your gym sesh with a clean face.  Follow these tips below to make sure you are properly treating your skin before and after your training.

Before Your Workout

  • Wash your face before you start your workout! If you already have makeup on make sure to remove it fully.  Guys! You should be washing your face before your workout too!  If fully washing your face isn’t accessible, make sure to keep some cleansing wipes in your gym bag for quick grime removal.
  • If you are exercising outdoors make sure to put on that SPF to protect against UV rays!

During Your Workout

  • If you are really prone to break outs – keep antibacterial wipes nearby to wipe down equipment before use. This will reduce the amount of bacteria that is being transferred from shared gear and skin.
  • Avoid touching or wiping your face with your hands – use a clean towel and pat dry
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Post Workout

  • Immediately cleanse your face and body after your workout! If you don’t have immediate access to a sink use a cleansing wipe until you can get to one!
  • Use a gentle cleanser and tepid water to deep clean your face and help close your pores.Pat dry with a clean towel. For an extra
  • Calm irritated skin with a toning spray and treat inflammation and dryness with a light moisturizer.
  • Make sure to change out of your gym clothes as soon as possible! Staying in those sweaty clothes allow bacteria to be trapped on your skin for longer periods of time!

The Takeaway

Our skin helps to protect our body from all the toxins we are exposed to throughout the day.  Treating your skin right is an important part of overall health and wellness. Make sure you are cleansing your skin before and after your workout with high quality products and keep drinking that H2O!

Share with us your favorite skin products and no sweat skin routine on social media.  We love hearing from you!