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The Best Health and Wellness Podcasts to Motivate You in the New Year

The Best Health and Wellness Podcasts to Motivate You in the New Year

Hey ‘Stachers!

The new year is coming and so are the resolutions!  I love the start of the new year, the feeling of new beginnings, and the dissipating pressure of the holiday season.  I also use January 1stas a really easy way to gauge my own goals, reflect on the last 365 days, and look forward to what is ahead.  Every year I “resolve to evolve” and set some goals that align with this saying. 

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  Tell us on all the social media platforms what goals you have in mind for 2019!

What Do Podcasts and Champagne Toasts at Midnight Have in Common?

Answer: I love them both! I listen to them while getting ready for the day, when cleaning the house or washing dishes, while driving, walking, working, working out, whenever possible really… and I am not the only one as podcasting continues to grow in popularity in both production and consumption. 

Subscriptions for podcasts on Apple iTunes have reached more than one billion, and that number continues to grow.  Podcasts provide on demand entertainment (which is now engrained in our culture), are portable, and provide secondary support to daily activities (see my list off all the times I listen to podcasts).  Podcasts provide a feeling of personal connection with hosts when someone follows a podcast over time, they provide both personal stories and factual information, and in a world where there is a cost for everything – podcasts are free! 

Podcasts platforms are found in apps and are usually organized categorically.  You can find podcasts for almost every interest and for every taste. I love both fiction and non-fiction podcast and enjoy a variety of categories from daily news to business tips. However, the best podcasts to keep me motivated to pursue my daily goals are under health and fitness.

In honor of New Year’s Eve, I am counting down ten of the best health and fitness podcasts to listen to (in no particular order).  Add these podcasts to your phone or computer to motivate you in 2019!

Ten of the Best Wellness and Fitness Podcasts to Motivate You in the New Year

 10 TEDTalks Health– from smart daily health habits to new medical breakthroughs, doctors and researchers share their discoveries about medicine and well-being. 

9 The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast– weekly fitness and nutrition-oriented show interviewing the top experts in the field.

8 Human Optimization Hour– a weekly podcast that brings information to help you achieve peak performance in everyday life.  The brightest minds and strongest athletes bring mindset, diet, supplement, and fitness tips to listeners.

7 Girls Gone WOD– the original female-hosted lifestyle podcast dedicated to discussing health, mindset, community, strength, and functional fitness.  Join Joy and Claire every Thursday for real talk and fitness exploration.

6 Simple Roots Radio– Simple Roots is hosted by a nutritionist by trade who has rebelled against the common misconceptions of nutrition and has developed a realistic approach to health, satisfied, and more simplistic life. Alexa interviews health experts, influencers, and every day people to discuss what has worked for them, and what can work for you.

5 Brand Yourself– Blair Badenhop interviews successful female entrepreneurs who are thriving in the wellness industry.  Learn about their businesses and how they grew from a grassroot effort to a successful organization.

4 Trained– a podcast hosted by Nike brings you cutting edge holistic fitness to help make you a better athlete.

3 Nutrition Diva– simple, painless ways to upgrade your eating habits.  Short episodes full of valuable tips!

2 The Doctor’s Farmacy– this podcast rethinks disease and reimagines a food and health care system that protects health and unburdens chronic disease.  The podcast is full of deep conversations about critical issues of health, wellness, food and politics.

1 Pursuing Health with Julie Foucher– Julie is a four-time CrossFit athlete who is now a family medicine resident.  Every other Tuesday she highlights influential and inspiring individuals who are working to develop optimal health.


A bonus up and coming podcast I am truly excited for in 2019:

BioCurious– explore ways to optimize health and upgrade your performance and wellness using evidence-based biohacks and functional health practices through conversations with top experts in the field.  Make sure you subscribe today so you can hear her first episode – I follow all thing BioCurious on other social media platforms and her content is great!

Are there any podcasts you love to increase your health and wellness motivation? Make share your favorites with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  See you in 2019!